Extract artifact bundle

Adding or creating an artifact bundle does not actually create the artifacts on the appliance. Perform an extract operation on the artifact bundle to add the artifacts on the appliance.


You must be logged in as a Software administrator to extract an artifact bundle.


  1. From the main menu, select Artifact Bundles.
  2. From the master pane of the Artifact bundles screen, select an artifact bundle.
  3. Select Extract from the Actions menu to add the artifacts available in the bundle on the appliance.
  4. You can extract an artifact bundle multiple times.
  5. Click Yes, extract on the extract dialog to proceed with the extract operation, when there are no name conflicts.
    If there are name conflicts,
    • The Extract dialog displays a summary listing of all the artifacts having name conflicts.

    • Analyze the summary before proceeding to the extract operation.

    • The artifacts in the bundle are renamed only after you confirm as they are copied on the appliance. If the existing artifacts on the appliance match the artifacts being extracted, the artifacts are not copied to the appliance.