Assigning a Copy Policy to a VM, datastore, or a storage folder creates the schedules. All the schedules of an RMC-V appliance can be viewed and managed from the Schedules (HPE RMC Configuration > Protection > Schedules) screen. You can view, delete, suspend, and resume schedules that you created for the VMware resources.

The refresh icon can be used to update the latest schedule information on the page. Use the edit icon to edit a schedule. To view details specific to a schedule, click the resource name. Use the icon to delete a schedule.

Use the pause icon to suspend a schedule and use the play icon to resume a suspended schedule.

In the Scheduled Jobs section, the following schedule details are listed:

Copy Type

The Copy type for which the schedule is set.


The time interval after which the next schedule is set to start.

Target Device

The location where the copies are created.

Last Execution

The time when the schedule was run last.

Next Execution

The time when the schedule is set to run next.