Restoring a snapshot

Restores the data back to the parent volume. The existing data will be lost and it will be overwritten with the data from the snapshot.

Restoring using snapshots from storage system is supported only on datastore-level snapshots. If you have a VM-level snapshot, restore operation is not allowed. Normal restore scenarios involve restoring VMDKs. In a VMFS datastore, there can be many virtual disks. Typically, you can identify the virtual disk to be restored and copy it over the old virtual disk. However, in some cases, the virtual machine file system gets corrupted after all virtual disks are replaced.

If the datastore-level snapshot that you are restoring has no virtual machines, the datastore loses all its associations with the older snapshots and job schedules.


The HPE 3PAR StoreServ Operating System software supports a nondisruptive virtual volume conversion from a fully provisioned virtual volume to thinly provisioned virtual volume. The conversion can also be from a thinly provisioned virtual volume to a fully provisioned virtual volume. RMC-V limits the restoration of a snapshot performed before a virtual volume conversion. If the action occurs, the following error message is displayed: Performing any RMC-V snapshot operations such as creating or deleting must only occur after a virtual volume conversion is completed.

  • Ensure that a virtual volume conversion process has completed.

  • Power off all the VMs in the datastore.

  1. Navigate to the VMware resource.
  2. Click Configure > HPE RMC-V Copies.
  3. Click the number adjacent to the Snapshot label.
  4. Select a snapshot and then click Restore.
  5. At the prompt, click OK.