Recovery Manager Central for VMware

The HPE Recovery Manager Central for VMware (RMC-V) is a VMware vCenter driven integration for data protection. RMC-V integrates HPE primary storage with HPE StoreOnce systems to provide replication and backup service for VMware environments. The software enables application-consistent and crash-consistent snapshots of VMware virtual machine disks and datastores.

The RMC Express Protect backup feature provides a second-tier of data protection. Backups to HPE StoreOnce are self-contained volumes, de-duplicated to save space. The backups can be used to recover back to the original or a different primary storage array, even if the original base volume is lost. For additional disaster recovery needs, RMC also supports HPE StoreOnce Catalyst Copy for copying Express Protect backups to one or more remote HPE StoreOnce appliances, including copying to HPE StoreOnce Cloud Bank Storage on a public cloud tier.

Element Recovery Technology (ERT) facilitates granular recovery of an individual VM or an individual file within a VM from an Express Protect Backup on HPE StoreOnce.

RMC-V allows you to recreate a VM by cloning your data volume, which facilitates creating copies of your VM for test/dev or secondary data use cases such as reporting or analytics.