Copy Policies

Copy Policy defines what type of a copy to create, where the copy resides (Copy Repository), when to create a copy (frequency) and how to manage the life cycle of a copy (expiry and retention). After defining a policy, you can apply it to multiple application resources such as VMs and datastores.

RMC factory ships the following standard Copy Policies that can be readily used for multitiered protection:
  • Platinum - Contains Snapshot, Express Protect, and Cloud Copy.

  • Gold - Contains Snapshot, Express Protect, and Catalyst Copy.

  • Silver - Contains Snapshot and an Express Protect.

  • Bronze - Contains only Snapshot.

For different business requirements, new Copy Policies can be created by duplicating an existing policy or by custom defining a policy. View and manage all Copy Policies from Copy Policy (HPE RMC Configuration > Protection > Copy Policy) screen.

Use the add icon create a Copy Policy. Use the edit icon to edit the Copy Policy.

The refresh icon can be used to refresh the Copy Policy information on the page. To view details specific to a Policy, click the Policy name. Use the delete icon to delete a Copy Policy. Use the icon to duplicate a Copy Policy.