RMC appliances

After the installation completes, the RMC appliance is auto registered with the RMC-V plug-in. When the vCenter has a huge number of resources — VMs or datastores, to balance the load on RMC, you can use multiple RMC appliance instances.

To register local or remote RMC instances, click HPE RMC Configuration > Configure > RMC Appliances. The screen also allows you to view, edit, refresh, and delete the registered HPE RMC instances. There is an option to sync data between the appliances.

Use the add icon to register RMC instances. Use the edit icon to change the password for an instance.

The refresh icon can be used to update the latest appliance information on the page. This option can be used when the Web Client is open for a long time and the RMC appliance properties change. For example, RMC is upgraded while the Web Client is open. To view details specific to an instance, click the IP address or host name.

In an environment with multiple RMCs, use the sync icon to sync data across all RMCs. Use the delete icon to unregister an instance.