Prerequisites to configure Remote Copy Group

  • Ensure that both source and target storage systems are registered in RMC.

  • One of the virtual volumes in the Remote Copy group must be exported to ESXi host.

  • Ensure that the names of all virtual volumes in a synchronous Remote Copy group do not exceed 20 characters.

  • The Remote Copy group must be in Started state and all virtual volumes must be in Synced state.

    For information on creating Remote Copy groups, see the HPE 3PAR Remote Copy Software User Guide.

  • All Virtual Machines involved in the operation must contain virtual volumes from same Remote Copy groups.

  • For application consistent Snapshots, install VMware Tools.

  • Ensure connectivity between all nodes in the Remote Copy environment.

  • For Peer Persistence groups, both source and target volumes must be exported to same ESXi host.

  • The vCenter server, VMware ESXi, and RMC must be time synchronized.