Generating a support ticket

To troubleshoot issues with RMC, generate a support ticket. Generating a basic ticket takes only few minutes when compared to a full ticket and only after that, you can see the ticket ID on the GUI page. The basic ticket contains minimal information while the full ticket contains all the necessary logs.


Ensure that your browser security settings allow files to be transferred from the RMC appliance to your host machine.

  1. Click HPE Recovery Manager Central > Ticket.
  2. Select the type of ticket you want to generate - Basic or Full.
  3. If the ticket type is Full, select one of the following application plug-ins (RMC is selected by default):

    Select SQL servers.


    Select a database and then select Oracle servers.


    Select a database and then select Exchange servers.


    Select an SID.

  4. Click Generate.

    After a ticket is generated, ticket_id is provided and the Download link is enabled.

    Support Ticket format
    • 20181031 — The first part of the ticket displays the year, month, date (yyyymmdd).

    • Z162932 — The second part of the ticket displays the ticket identification number.
  5. Click Close.

TIP: Use the Refresh button to see the list of generated tickets.