Restoring a snapshot

Perform the following steps for before restoring a read/only snapshot:
  • Ensure that you stop all the Remote copy groups before initiating a snapshot restore operation.

  • Ensure that you dismount the database ASM disk groups from one or more cluster nodes. Also, ensure that you drop the disk groups from one of the cluster nodes server if ASM is in use when you do not select the Automate Restore option.

  • Ensure that you unmount all the database file systems from the database server if they are on file systems. For example, # umount /oradata

  • Ensure to export the database volume groups from the database server if volume groups are in use. For example, for Linux logical volume groups:
    # lvchange -an /dev/rh6lvm-data/lvol0
    # lvchange -an /dev/rh6lvm-data/lvol1
    # vgexport rh6lvm-datavg
  • Ensure that you remove the volumes exported as physical Raw Device Mapping from Oracle server for databases with volumes exported as physical RDM.

  1. Click the main menu and then click Oracle Databases.
  2. On the master pane of the Databases screen, select a database.
  3. Select Clone/Restore from the Actions menu or from the Copies tab.
    Clone/Restore window appears.
  4. Select Restore from the Clone/Restore page.
    1. Pick a date (color coded) from the calendar that contains the copies summary for a selected month.
    2. Select a copy from the list of available copies for the selected date in the Copies for clone section and click Next. You can use the First, Previous, Next, and Last buttons to navigate among pages that contain the Copies for clone list.
    3. Based on the selected copy type, perform the following:
      1. For a database that contains a snapshot:

        • Specify the Meta Data File Path and click Ok.

        • Select Force Restore and then Yes, Restore to continue with restore activity.

      2. For a database that contains Express Protect:

        • Click Select to search and specify an application server.

        • Specify the Meta Data File Path.

  5. Click Ok in the Restore dialog.