Register Oracle database

Registering an Oracle database

  • To update Real Application Cluster (RAC) cluster nodes, ensure that the following prerequisites are met:

    • The appropriate cluster node is registered using the Oracle Servers screen.

    • DNS is configured correctly so that it communicates with other cluster nodes from the RMC appliance using the hostname. If DNS is not configured and the Auto Update all RAC cluster nodes is selected, RMC-O does not update all the RAC nodes. In such cases, the RAC nodes have to be registered manually.

  1. Click the main menu and then click Oracle Databases > + Database.
  2. In Register Database screen, perform the following:
    1. To search and select a registered Oracle database, click Select.
    2. To search and select an Oracle SID for the selected Oracle server, click Select.

      The Oracle Home and Database Username fields are populated based on the selected SID.

    3. Select Auto-update all RAC cluster nodes to auto update the RAC nodes. This option is enabled if SID is entered.
    4. Provide a detailed description about the Oracle database in the Description field.
    5. Select Notification to Select and associate a suitable notification with the Oracle database.
  3. Click OK.