Using remote snapshot

Specify the following details for remote snapshot:

Replication Mode

Select one of the following options:


The local RMC-S server saves the time stamp record of the Snapshots of a source LUN and remote RMC-S server saves the same time stamp record of a remote Snapshot in their respective repositories.

Periodic: The local RMC-S server does not retain any record of the snapshot time stamp for the source LUNs of the Remote Copy group in its repository.

Start Remote Copy Group

If selected, RMC automatically restarts a stopped Remote Copy group.


A name for the remote snapshot.

Auto Delete After

(Optional) Expiration time for the Copy. A Copy expires after the expiration time. The minimum time must be one hour. The maximum time can be 43,800 hours or 1,825 days.

Prevent Deletion Until

(Optional) Retention time for the Copy. You cannot delete a Copy until the retention time expires. The minimum time must be one hour.

After creating a remote snapshot at the database-level, you can verify it using the Copies Actions menu.