Using Snapshot


Before you create a database snapshot in a VMware environment, ensure that the datastores associated with VMs hosting the MS SQL server are in active state.

Specify the following details:


Specify a name for the snapshot.

Auto Delete After

(Optional) Expiration time for the Copy. A Copy expires after the expiration time. The minimum time must be one hour. The maximum time can be 43,800 hours or 1,825 days.

Prevent Deletion Until

(Optional) Retention time for the Copy. You cannot delete a Copy until the retention time expires. The minimum time must be one hour.

Verify Snapshot
(Required only for database-level protection) The DBCC CHECKDB command is used to verify the integrity of live databases including protection features that protect the snapshot to backup systems and ISVs. You can verify the databases after mounting the Snapshot to a local or remote server by assigning a mount path.