Using ISV Backup

  1. Click main menu and then Exchange Databases.
  2. Select a database from the master pane and click Actions > Protect Once
  3. Select ISV Backup from the Protection Type menu.
    1. [Optional] Enter a name for the snapshot.
    2. [Optional] Specify the number of Hours, Days, Weeks, or Months to auto delete the snapshot.
    3. [Optional] Specify the number of Hours, Days, or Weeks until the snapshot deletion has to be prevented.
    4. Select or clear Truncate Log.
    5. Select Verify Snapshot and click Select to search and specify a Validation Server.
    6. Select or clear Validate Log Only.
  4. Click Select to search and select an ISV specification from the list.
  5. To set up the scheduler for the ISV Backup, select Start Date and Time to set the required data and time or select Now to run once.
  6. Click Ok.