Restoring an ISV backup

Ensure that the ISV backup is in an available state.
  1. Click the main menu and then click Exchange Databases > + Database.
  2. On the master pane of the Databases screen, select a database.
  3. On the Copies tab, select and click the underlined value for ISV backup.

    ISV Backups window appears. The ISV backup window lists all the backups with their name, status, and the time when the backups were taken.

  4. Select Action > Restore from the ISV Backups window.
  5. Perform the following as per your selection in the Restore dialog:
    1. Click Select to search and specify a Restore Server for the ISV backup.
    2. Edit the Restore Path as required.
  6. Click Restore.
    • A volume type restore rolls back the parent volume with data present in the selected snapshot.

    • The database is automatically unmounted prior to a restore process and then remounted later.

    • A volume type restore to Another Volume rolls back the selected volume with data of the selected backup.

    • A volume type restore to a New Snapshot Set creates a snapshot set to the existing parent volume and restores the data in the newly created snapshot.