Registering a HANA host

  • Ensure that the user has root privileges.
  • Ensure that you register the master server in a multi-host system as the other hosts are automatically discovered when registering a HANA database. This prerequisite is applicable for HANA 2.0 version. For HANA 1.0 version, any acitve worker host can be used for database registration.
  1. Click the main menu and then click SAP HANA > Hosts.
  2. On the master pane of the Hosts screen, click + Hosts
    NOTE: For the first time host registration in RMC-SH, the Actions menu is not available.
  3. In the Register Host screen, provide the following details:
    • IP Address or Host Name - The IP address or the name of the HANA host. The hosts and RMC must be configured in the same domain.

    • Alias Name - [Optional] An alias name for the HANA host.

    • Username - The username to access the HANA database host that has root privileges.

    • Password - The password for the username.

    • RMC Client Location - The shared location where the SAP HANA client is available. By default, the path is set to /hana/shared and cannot be blank.
    • Description - [Optional] A short description about the database host.

  4. Click Add.
    • SAP HANA host registration is dependent on the version of the installed OS version and not on the installed SAP HANA database.
    • RMC-SH client installation does not check if SAP HANA database is installed on it. It only performs a check of the OS version.
    • RMC resolves conflicts when you intend to perform a host registration by hostname or FQDN.