HANA databases screen details

HANA database is also known as a system. A system is one or more instances with the same number. If a system has more than one instance, they are distributed over several hosts as multiple-host system. SID is a unique system ID that identifies a system. SID is common across multiple-hosts in a multihost HANA setup. A HANA system can be configured as a single-host or multiple-host system. A single-host system is the most simple system installation type. It is possible to run a HANA system entirely on one host and scale up the system as required. A multiple-host system contains more than one host, which, can be configured as active hosts or standby hosts.

The master pane of the HANA Databases screen displays the list of the registered HANA databases. The master pane also lists whether the HANA database is a Distributed System and the Copy Policy associated with the database. The details pane displays the information about the HANA databases selected on the master pane.
  • In the Details page, the information about the Database Details, Volume, Associated Host, System Replication, and Cluster Details is displayed.

  • In the Copies page, the information about Clone, Catalyst Copy, Remote Copy, Snapshots and Express Protects is displayed. The number of Catalyst Copies, Snapshots, and Express Protects is also listed. You can click the numbers listed for each of these elements and Protect or remove one or more Catalyst Copy or Snapshots or Express Protects. Also, you can view the scheduled jobs listed based on the selected Copy Policy.

  • In the Log Protection page, information about log backup settings and log backup catalog is displayed.