Editing a HANA host

  1. Click the main menu and then click SAP HANA > Hosts.
  2. From the master pane, select a host that you intend to edit and click Actions > Edit.
  3. Perform one or more of the following actions from the Edit dialog:
    1. IP Address or Host Name - Edit the IP address or the name of the registered HANA host.
    2. Physical IP Address - Edit the physical IP address of the registered HANA host.
    3. Alias - Edit the alias name of the registered HANA host.
    4. Username - Edit the username authorized to access the HANA host.
    5. Password - Edit the password for the username.
    6. RMC Client Location - Edit the shared location where the SAP HANA client is available.
    7. Description - Edit the description about the database HANA host.
  4. To update the HANA host, click Ok.