Database Instance(s) on Server

Microsoft Exchange GUID

GUID of the Microsoft Exchange server.

Size (MB)

Size of the database.

Database File Path

Location of the database file.

Log Folder Path

Location of the log folder.

Database Availability Group Name

Group name of the databases.


Current status of the database.

Last Updated

Last updated status.


Associated notification policy.

Database Instance on Server


Name of the host where database is hosted.


IP address or fully qualified domain name of the server.

Active Copy

Availability of an active copy of the database.


Status of the database instance on the server.

Database Content Index State

Status of the database content index.

Database Status

Mount status of the database.

Last Updated

Time stamp of the last update to the database instance.

Exchange Information

Sub Status

Sub status of the Exchange server database.


DB and logs

Volume set that contains the database and logs.