Restoring backup Copies

An RMC-V Copy can be a Snapshot, Express Protect, Catalyst Copy, or a Cloud Copy. The following procedure explains how to restore VM-level and datastore-level Copies.


The HPE 3PAR, HPE Primera systems support a nondisruptive virtual volume conversion from a fully provisioned virtual volume to thinly provisioned virtual volume. The conversion can also be from a thinly provisioned virtual volume to a fully provisioned virtual volume. RMC-V limits the restoration of a snapshot performed before a virtual volume conversion. If the action occurs, the following error message is displayed: Performing any RMC-V snapshot operations such as creating or deleting must only occur after a virtual volume conversion is completed.

  • The storage system must be registered with an RMC instance.

  • The READ-WRITE volume exists on the storage system.

  • The backup Copy is in available status.

  • Do not use a CPG that has a set Growth Limit for Copy CPG.

  • Clear the Allow stale snapshots check box on the virtual volumes that are exported to a host.

  • The volume that you restore must be either the same size or greater size compared to the original volume.

  • The virtual volume conversion process has completed.

  • When restoring at the datastore level, power off all the VMs in the datastore.

  1. Navigate to the VMware resource.
  2. Right-click the VMware resource and then click HPE RMC-V Actions > Restore. Alternatively, you can also click Configure > HPE RMC-V Copies > Restore.
  3. Do one of the following:
    • Select a Snapshot from the displayed Snapshots.

    • Click Select From Date and then select a Snapshot from the list of available Copies for the selected date. Click SELECT COPY.

  4. Click RESTORE.
  5. At the prompt, click OK.