Mounting other RMC-V copies

An RMC-V copy can be a Snapshot, Express Protect, Catalyst Copy, or a Cloud Copy. The mount operation is not supported on a Cloud Copy. The following procedure explains how to mount an Express Protect or Catalyst Copy.

An RMC-V copy can be mounted on ESXi hosts, Windows, or Linux systems.

  1. Navigate to the VMware resource.
  2. Right-click the VMware resource and then click HPE RMC-V Actions > Clone. Alternatively, you can also click Configure > HPE RMC-V Copies > Clone.
  3. Do one of the following:
    • Select a Copy from the displayed Copies.

    • Click Select From Date and then select a Copy from the list of available copies for the selected date. Click SELECT COPY.

  4. Select one of the following options and perform the corresponding steps based on your selection:
    Clone on Primary Storage

    Creates a READ-WRITE Copy of an existing backup in the primary device or recreates new VMs (Clone) from a Copy.

    Select one of the options—Create Snapshot or Create New Storage Volumes.

    Clone on Secondary Storage

    You can access backup copies as READ-Only entities from HPE StoreOnce, without repopulating the primary disk array volumes. Use this option to quickly recover data from the backup copies.

  5. Click CLONE.
  6. Select one of the following options and then click OK:
    • Clone only this resource—Clones the selected resource.

    • Clone the group—Clones all the resources in the group.

  7. Select the Mount Only check box.
  8. Select a host from the drop-down list and then click MOUNT.