Registering or managing the RMC-V plug-in from RMC GUI

RMC-V plug-in can be registered and managed using the RMC GUI. After a successful installation of RMC with the VMware plug-in, the vCenter server is displayed in the hypervisor Servers screen in RMC GUI. You can use this vCenter server for other application plug-ins such as RMC-S and RMC-O.

You need not launch the installer to register RMC-V from an existing RMC appliance. Use the Hypervisor Servers screen in RMC GUI to register or unregister the RMC-V plug-in with RMC. After unregistering the plug-in, reboot the VCSA using Unregister Plugin option in RMC GUI.

  1. Log in to RMC GUI.
  2. Click HPE Recovery Manager Central > Hypervisor Servers.
  3. Click + Hypervisor Server and then specify the server details.
  4. Click OK.

To unregister the plug-in, from the Actions menu, click Unregister Plugin.