RMC-V Dashboard

The dashboard provides a high-level information on the Scheduled (to be run later in the day), Completed, Running, and Failed jobs in the last 24 hours. The dashboard reports are collated and cached periodically or when the data is available.

To access the RMC-V dashboard, click Shortcuts and then click the HPE logo . Alternatively, click the Menu drop-down list and then click HPE RMC-V.

The dashboard provides you the following charts:

Copy Policy Jobs

The Copy Policy Execution chart provides success to failure ratio of the completed protection jobs in RMC. The graph maps every execution of the policy over the time period that you set. The graph is derived from the calculation of the expected number of runs, the actual number of runs, and also the number of runs that are skipped due to system issues.

Copies By Type

Displays the number of copies that are available for each Copy type.

Copies By Age

Provides you an account of the cost of Copies. The graph displays the types of Copies and the age of these Copies. Using this chart, you can understand the effective way of storing copies in the right tier of storage, according to the age of the copy. Hewlett Packard Enterprise recommends you to store the Copy that you want to use for a longer term on a cheaper storage, such as cloud storage.

Backup Efficiency

Displays the effective savings that you get by using RMC over a time period — 24 hours, 7 days, or 30 days. The table displays the actual backup volume size and the delta volume size that is backed up.

Protection Summary

The chart displays the number of VMs and their protection tiers based on the current policy assignments. For example, if four VMs are protected by a Snapshot and an Express Protect, the protection tier for the four VMs is two. In another example, if five VMs are protected by a Snapshot, an Express Protect, and a Cloud Copy, then the protection tier for the five VMs is three.

The table displays the summary of VMs and datastores hosted on the RMC supported HPE storage systems. A count of VMs and datastores in protected and unprotected states are displayed. The table also displays the number of Protection Groups in RMC. The number is clickable and redirects to the Protection Group page.