RMC appliances

After the installation completes, the RMC appliance is auto registered with the RMC-V plug-in. When the vCenter has huge number of resources — VMs or datastores, to balance the load on RMC, you can use multiple RMC appliance instances.

If a remote RMC appliance is not registered, then the local RMC appliance is considered as remote and then a remote snapshot is triggered. This works only when you have registered both source and target storage systems with RMC.

To register RMC instances, use the RMC Appliances (HPE RMC-V > Settings > RMC Appliances) page. Use the add + Add Appliances button to register RMC instances.

In a multi-RMC environment, use the sync icon to sync the configuration details between multiple RMC appliances. The configuration of the primary RMC is added to all secondary RMCs, but the configuration details of secondary RMCs are not added to the primary RMC.