Recovery Manager Central

HPE Recovery Manager Central (RMC) software integrates HPE 3PAR, HPE Primera and HPE Nimble Storage arrays with HPE StoreOnce backup systems to provide converged data protection. RMC facilitates policy-driven copy data management for your business critical applications at speeds required for all-flash storage. RMC leverages snapshot performance with storage-integrated backups to deliver flash speed application protection and copy data management with less cost and complexity than legacy solutions. The software is also built for cloud, that allows you to leverage public cloud for cost-effective long-term retention of your backups.

Key features
  • Centralized policies to automate copy data management and data protection.
  • Create and automate application-consistent snapshots to protect your applications from data loss or corruption risks.
  • Support for multiple applications including VMware vSphere, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Exchange, Oracle, and SAP HANA databases. Integration with any other application can be scripted using RMC REST APIs.
  • The Express Protect backups are much faster than traditional backups. Data is moved directly from primary storage to protection storage without any intermediate server restrictions. These application-integrated, snapshot-based backups are for additional protection against threats.
  • The Express Restore feature ensures that only the changed blocks are efficiently read back from protection storage to deliver much faster restores than traditional backup restores. The feature allows rapid recovery from any of the point-in-time copies — backups or copies on public cloud.
  • Create space-efficient virtual clones from any of the point-in-time copies to be used for secondary use cases such as testing or development, analytics, and reporting.
  • Detailed reporting, activity tracking, and email notifications.
  • Peer Copy feature that facilitates asynchronous periodic replication between two or more HPE 3PAR, HPE Primera, and HPE Nimble Storage systems.

  • Simple and intuitive GUI designed for storage generalists and database administrators without requiring storage specialist expertise.
  • Cloud Volume Backup is Backup-as-a-service that allows you to seamlessly backup on-premise data to HPE Cloud using RMC.