The Activities screen lists details of all the system and user-initiated tasks. The job details include the following:


Standard view displays set of various tasks, in a non-hierarchal way and the Policy Execution view displays the various tasks involved during the copy policy execution, in a hierarchal way.


Displays the name of the task that is performed. Use the expand icon () to view the task progress and task output.


Displays the name of the resource for the activity. For example, Volume Set or application resource.

Parent Resource

Displays the name of the parent resource for the activity.


The current state of the task.

Created At

The date and time when the task is initiated.

You can sort the resources in ascending or descending order by clicking the column name, then clicking the Sort icon that appears.


For filtering the activities, click the filter icon. The following options are available:

Job status

Each job has three statuses — Complete, Error, and Running. Warnings are available for a few jobs.


Based on the Copy type, the tasks are listed.


The application plug-in for which the job is initiated.


Displays activities that occurred within a specified date range.


Click this button to reset all filter options to their default values.