Registering an MS SQL server

  1. Click HPE Recovery Manager Central > Microsoft SQL.
  2. Click the Servers tab and then click + Servers.
  3. In the Register Server screen, specify the following details:
    IP Address or Host Name

    IPv4 address, FQDN or host name of the server.

    • When registering Windows Cluster IP with RMC, other than the Cluster virtual IP address, you are also allowed to use Local Host IP address. However, Hewlett Packard Enterprise recommends you to use the Cluster virtual IP address for cluster registration.

    • Firewall setting is enabled for RMC-S service port on the host (default port number is 50001).


    The port number is set to 50001 by default. If you have changed the port number during the RMC-S agent installation, then update the port number.

    Username and Password

    Name and password of the server.


    Extra details related to the server.

  4. Click Add.