Importing a Catalog

If Catalog Protection is not configured, you will see Import Catalog option. You can use Import Catalog option to restore RMC from an existing catalog. For example, if you have a new appliance set up and you already have protected catalogs available, you can use this option to import an existing catalog from the remote target.

  • Ensure that you have deployed an RMC appliance.

  • Ensure that you register the HPE StoreOnce where Catalog Protection is stored with RMC.

  1. Click HPE Recovery Manager Central > Settings.
  2. In the Catalog Protection panel, click + Import Catalog.
  3. Select the type of Catalog Protection - StoreOnce Catalyst or Network Attached Storage.
  4. (For the StoreOnce Catalyst type of Catalog Protection) Specify the following details:
    Backup System

    Select a Backup System.

    Service Set

    Select a service set.

    Catalyst Store

    Select a Catalyst Store.

    Username and Password

    Login credentials of the selected HPE StoreOnce.

    Backup System Transport Protocol

    Select either Coeth or CoFC as the transport protocol.

  5. (For the Network Attached Storage type of Catalog Protection) Specify the following details:
    Share Protocol

    CIFS or NFS.

    IP Address or Host Name

    IP address or hostname of the system that hosts the NAS share.

    Share Location

    Directory path to the share. Except for underscore and hyphen, no other special characters are allowed in the path. For example, /ShareDirectory/SubDirectory/Sub

    Username and Password

    NAS share credentials. If required, specify the domain name in the format DomainName/Username.

  6. Click Get Protected Catalogs.
  7. Click Import.

    After the Catalog import process has completed, a set of Catalog Protection tasks are displayed in the Activity page. The tasks are marked with the status terminated though both import and restart of services have completed successfully. You can ignore this task status.