Cloud Copy details

(For RMC-O) File Types

Select Online, Data Files or Archive Logs as the file type.

For more information on the File Types, see the HPE Recovery Manager Central Concepts Guide.

The following frequencies are available:
  • Minutes
  • Hourly
  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly

For the Weekly frequency, select the days on which you want to run the schedule. For the Monthly frequency, specify the date on which you want to run the schedule.

Auto Delete After

(Optional) Expiration time for the Copy. A Copy expires after the expiration time. The minimum time must be one hour. The maximum time can be 43,800 hours or 1,825 days.

Prevent Deletion Until

(Optional) Retention time for the Copy. You cannot delete a Copy until the retention time expires. The minimum time must be one hour.


Select the source — Snapshot or Express Protect. For Cloud Volumes Backup Copies, the source is always a Snapshot.

Copy Repository

Click Select and then select a target.

StoreOnce Replication Transport

Select the transport protocol or use the Select during protection option to choose a protocol during the Policy assignment.