Catalog restore guidelines

The following guidelines are recommended after catalog import process is completed:

  • Hewlett Packard Enterprise recommends rebooting the RMC appliance.

  • Verify the imported data.

  • After import of data, you must fix some issues with data references. For example, data references include Backup System details, Storage System details, Schedules in general, credentials. Data references depend on the age of the catalog used for restore or in site recovery or network topology changes.

  • Some imported data must be fixed if there is a change in the IP address. Ensure that the network configuration is accurate post restore. For example, by logging in to the RMC VM console as netconf.

  • If necessary, verify, modify, or reconfigure the Catalog Protection schedules.

NOTE: After the Catalog import process has completed, a set of Catalog Protection tasks are displayed in the Activity page. The tasks are marked with the status terminated though both import and restart of services have completed successfully. You can ignore this task status.