Refreshing an MS Exchange database

Refresh operation occurs on databases that are created on each Exchange server. Refresh operation also discovers new databases and automatically adds them. And to refreshing all exchange servers that host a copy of the selected database, Database Refresh operation also refreshes all the associated snapshots and backups. If associated snapshots or backups are deleted on their respective HPE 3PAR, HPE Primera, HPE Nimble Storage or HPE StoreOnce devices, then they are automatically deleted in RMC-E.

  1. Click the main menu and then click Exchange Databases.
  2. On the master pane of the Databases screen, select a database.
  3. Select Refresh from the Actions menu.

    Refresh dialog appears.

  4. To refresh the existing databases and discover new databases, click Refresh.

    Refresh the database multiple times to obtain the correct database state.