Registering a HANA database

  • Ensure that you register a HANA host.

  • Ensure that you have enabled the flag Disk.enableUUID before you perform a database registration for a HANA database hosted on a VM and that the RMC VMware service is running to manage the database hosted on the VM.

  • Ensure that you register the hypervisor (vCenter or ESXi) hosting the VM on which the HANA database is hosted.

  1. Click main menu and then SAP HANA > Databases.
  2. Click Database on the master pane.
  3. On the Register Database screen, perform the following:
    • SAP HANA Host - Click Select to search and select an SAP HANA host.

    • SID - Click Select to search and select a SID for the database.

    • Instance Number - The instance number of the HANA database.

    • Database User Name - Provide a user name for the database.

    • Database Password - Specify the password for the database user.

    • Auto-register all distributed system hosts - Select to register the system hosts for multiple-host systems. This option is available only for HANA scale-out systems.

    • Description - Provide a description about the HANA database.

    • Notification Policy - Select Notification to enable Select option. To search and specify a notification policy for the database, click Select.

  4. Click OK.
    • SYSTEM user or nonrestricted users with roles Catalog Read, Backup Admin, Backup Operator are allowed.

    • Hewlett Packard Enterprise recommends having catalog read, backup admin, and backup operator privileges for a nonrestricted HANA database user to perform RMC-SH operations.

    • Database registration is allowed for a nonrestricted user.

    • For multihost HANA systems:
      • Auto-Registration works only if RMC can resolve the host names participating in multihost systems.

      • Registration of database from a standby node is not possible.

      • For a multihost MDC database, registration is possible only with the master node. Hewlett Packard Enterprise recommends abiding by the default isolation level of the MDC database.
    • In system replication scenario, registration is possible only from the primary site.

    • Auto registration of hosts is possible when the credentials of all the participating hosts match.