Attaching a Copy

Attaching associates an Express Protect directly from HPE StoreOnce to a Host. This action is not allowed for Cloud Copies.

  1. In the Volumes screen, select the Volume Set that you want to attach.
  2. Click the Copies tab.
  3. In the Copy Type section, click the number adjacent to the Copy type that you want to attach.
  4. Select the Copy that you want to attach.
  5. From the Actions menu, click Attach.
  6. Select a Host or specify the iSCSI initiator name and then click Attach.

After attaching an Express Protect or Catalyst Copy, you have to manually discover the iSCSI device. The following procedure is an example of a Attaching a Copy to Linux Host.
  1. On the Linux host, install iscsi-initiator-utils.

  2. Discover the iSCSI targets of RMC appliance using the following commands:
    iscsiadm -m discovery -t sendtargets -p <RMC IP>
    <RMC IP>:3260,-1
  3. Connect to the discovered iSCSI targets in the RMC appliance:
    iscsiadm -m node -T
    Logging in to [iface: default, target:,
    portal: <RMC IP>,3260] (multiple)
    Login to [iface: default, target:,
    portal: <RMC IP>,3260] successful.
  4. Find the iSCSI device name:
    grep "Attached SCSI" /var/log/messages
    Apr 13 14:15:10 gw1 kernel: sd 17:0:0:0: [sdi] Attached SCSI disk

    Accessing the iSCSI disk sdi by using the mount -t <filesystem_format> /dev/sdi <mountpoint> command, enables you to read the data on Express Protect.


After an RMC reboot, the Express Protects attached to a host are lost. If required, you have to reattach the Express Protects.