Editing a backup

  • Ensure that you have assigned a protection policy to your database.

  • Ensure that the backups1 are in an available state.

  1. Click the main menu and then click Exchange Databases.
  2. On the master pane of the Databases screen, select a database.
  3. On the Copies tab, select and click the underlined value for the corresponding back up.

    The relative backup window appears. The backup window lists all the corresponding back ups with their name, status, and the time when the backups were taken.

  4. Select a specific backup from the corresponding window that lists the backup.
  5. Select Action > Edit from the backup window.
  6. Perform the following as per your requirement in the Edit dialog:
    1. Modify the Name of the backup.
    2. Provide a short description of the backup.
  7. Click Ok.

Express Protect, Catalyst Copy, and Cloud Copy (wherever applicable)