HPE Cloud Volumes Backup

What is Cloud Volumes Backup?

HPE Cloud Volumes Backup (CVB) is an enterprise cloud backup service that enables you to move your backup infrastructure to the HPE Cloud. Recovery Manager Central (RMC) integration with CVB allows for seamless backup or restore directly from HPE Storage Arrays to the HPE Cloud.

What Workloads does RMC back up to CVB?

ApplicationPlug-ins VMware, Microsoft SQL Server, SAP HANA, Oracle
StorageDevices HPE 3PAR, HPE Primera,or HPE Nimble Storage systems

What is Data Portability and Security with CVB?


Incremental forever

  • Transfers only the blocks that change between snapshot backups.
  • Consumes fewer resources in the cloud.
  • Minimizes backup windows while providing faster recovery of your data.

Client side deduplication

  • Hashes are matched on the client side and only unique blocks are transferred to the HPE Cloud.
  • Reduces bandwidth consumption.

Secure tunnel encryption

  • Data flows through a secure tunnel over IP network to the HPE Cloud.

What are the options for Recovery?

Bare VolumeRestore AlternateVolumeRestore IncrementalRestore VirtualMachineRecovery
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