The showrctransport command shows rcip in an unknown state


The CLI showrctransport command shows an rcip port in an unknown state.

In this example, node:slot:port 3:1:1 is in an unknown state. Use CLI commands to troubleshoot. See the HPE Primera OS Command Line Interface Reference Guide for more information.

cli% showrctransport
N:S:P Peer_Address Address      State   Type
0:1:1 ready   rcip
1:1:1 ready   rcip
3:1:1 -   unknown rcip

The link might not have been created or might be downgraded.

  1. Log in to the source storage system.
  2. Determine if an RCIP link was created.
    cli% showrcopy links
    Remote Copy System Information
    Status: Started, Normal
    Link Information
    Target             Node  Address      Status Options
    s1234_SecC_s1111   0:1:1 Up     -
    s1234_SecC_s1111   1:1:1 Up     -
    s2222_PriA_s1111   0:1:1 Up     -
    s2222_PriA_s1111   1:1:1 Up     -
    receive            0:1:1 receive      Up     -
    receive            1:1:1 receive      Up     -

    In this example, 3:1:1 does not have a link.

  3. Verify that the RCIP port is ready.
    cli% showport N:S:P
    N:S:P Mode State -Node_WWN- -Port_WWN/HW_Addr- Type Protocol
    3:1:1 peer ready          -       040973BA07F1 rcip       IP

    In this example, the State is ready and the Mode is peer, indicating the port is set up but the link was not created. Use SSMC or CLI to create the links.