Remote Copy link has failed


An SSMC error indicates a Remote Copy link has failed. Use SSMC and CLI commands to troubleshoot. See the HPE SSMC User Guide and the HPE Primera OS Command Line Interface Reference Guide for more information.

In this example, link 1:1:1 is down.

  1. On the HPE SSMC main menu, select Remote Copy Configurations under DATA PROTECTION.
  2. Select the Remote Copy configuration in an error state, and then select the Links view.
  3. Identify the node:slot:port for the link that failed.
  4. Select Ports under Storage Systems.
  5. In the list pane, select the failed port for the storage system.
  6. Determine if the Port State is Offline.
    1. If the port is offline, select Actions > Enable, and then click Yes enable to bring the port online.
    2. If the port did not come online or is in another state, proceed to the next step.

Source storage system

  1. Log in to the source storage system.
  2. Confirm that the peer and local addresses are as expected.
    cli% showrctransport
    N:S:P Peer_Address     Address          State   Type
    0:1:1    ready   rcip
    1:1:1    missing rcip

    The State might also show unknown.

  3. Confirm that the link is down.
    cli% showrcopy links
    cli% showrcopy links
    Remote Copy System Information
    Status: Started, Normal
    Link Information
    Target   Node  Address       Status Options
    SysB     0:1:1 Up     -
    SysB     1:1:1 Down   -    
    receive  0:1:1 receive       Up     -
    receive  1:1:1 receive       Up     -

    If the link does not display, see "The showrctransport command shows rcip in an unknown state".

  4. Review alerts and health status to determine if the link is degraded or some other problem is being reported for that port.
    1. Review alerts for the system.

      cli% showalert

    2. Review the health of the system.

      cli% checkhealth -d

  5. Based on the alert and health output, work with your network or system administrator to fix the problem.