VMware vSphere Metro Storage Cluster configuration

VMware vSphere Metro Storage Cluster is an example of a geocluster, stretched cluster, or metrocluster configuration. Host cluster configurations use VM and/or cluster resource affinity and failover rules to achieve a level of high availability across host and storage system sites.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise supports vMSC uniform configurations. Uniform host access is a VMware-stretched cluster configuration where each host can access storage resources available at both sites. It is geared towards protecting against a storage failure at a site. Only a uniform configuration works with Peer Persistence to provide transparent failover without host interruption.

Uniform host access provides:

  • Protection against storage failure

  • Active load balancing

The uniform host access configuration is a requirement to achieve the host transparent aspects of Peer Persistence failover or switchover.

Figure 1: VMware vMSC certification—uniform host accessVMware uniform host access diagram