Nondisruptive failover in 1-to-1 Remote Copy using Peer Persistence (geocluster environments)

With Peer Persistence, you can federate your storage systems across geographically separate data centers. This intersite federation of storage allows you to use your data centers more effectively. You can move applications from one site to another according to your business need without any application downtime.

Nondisruptive failover is a high-availability configuration between two sites where:
  • Hosts are set up in a geocluster configuration with access to storage systems on both sites.

  • Storage volumes created on the primary storage system are replicated to the secondary storage system using synchronous Remote Copy.

  • Synchronous Remote Copy keeps the volumes synchronized at all times.

During a nondisruptive failover, the host traffic to the failed (primary) storage array is redirected to the secondary storage array without major impact to the hosts.