Recovering Remote Copy groups in a failsafe state with auto_synchronize on

In this example, the failed and recovered storage system is the primary system (SystemA). The failover storage system is the secondary system (SystemB).

  • Both storage systems are ready to resume normal operations.

  1. Log in to the failover storage system.
  2. Confirm the Remote Copy links are up.
    cli% showrcopy links
    • If the links are up, the configuration automatically recovers. Continue to the next step.

    • If the links are not up, troubleshoot the problem. See HPE Primera OS: Troubleshooting your Remote Copy configuration. Wait for the links to come up and then continue to the next step.

  3. Wait for the volumes to synchronize (the SyncStatus shows Synced).
    cli% showrcopy
    • If synchronization completes, go to step 5.

    • If the volumes do not synchronize, go to the next step.

  4. To determine if the volumes are in a normal state, check the primary (failed) storage system.
    cli% showvv -rcopygroup <group_name>

    Where: <group_name> is the name of the Remote Copy group.

  5. Wait for the Remote Copy groups to recover.
  6. (Optional) To change a Remote Copy group back to the original configuration:
    cli% setrcopygroup switchover <group_name>

    The Remote Copy group on SystemA is changed to primary. The Remote Copy group on SystemB is changed to secondary. The replication direction changes so that SystemA replicates to SystemB.