Changing the policies of a Remote Copy group

The Policies section of the Overview panel displays the current policies for the Remote Copy group.

  1. On the HPE SSMC main menu, select Remote Copy Groups under DATA PROTECTION.
  2. In the list pane, select the Remote Copy group, and then select Actions > Edit.
  3. Change any or all the following policies in the Source section:
    1. Auto synchronize - Select Enable to automatically synchronize the group after performing a failover.

      In synchronous long distance (SLD) and three data center Peer Persistence (3DC PP) configurations, this policy applies to the volumes in the synchronous targets only.

    2. Auto recover - Select Advanced options at the top of the screen to display Auto recover. Then select Enable to automatically restart the group after a link failure.

      The group restarts after the links are re-established.

    3. Over period alert - Clear the check box to disable alerts when synchronization between periodic Remote Copy groups do not complete within the specified synchronization period.

      This alert applies to periodic groups only.

  4. Change Peer Persistence policies:
    1. Multi-target Peer Persistence - Select to enable the primary Remote Copy groups to update the secondary groups synchronously with a Peer Persistence target and periodically to a tertiary site.

      Multi-target Peer Persistence is required on all group targets in a 3DC PP configuration.

    2. Path management - Select to set the Remote Copy group on the source system as Active and Standby on the target system.

      Path management is required for Peer Persistence.

    3. Auto failover - Select to automatically fail over a Remote Copy group if a failure occurs.

      Auto failover is required for an automatic transparent failover (ATF) configuration.

  5. Click OK.