Converting an existing SLD configuration to a 3DC PP configuration

Change the synchronous long distance (SLD) configuration so that the synchronous targets on the primary and secondary systems are configured as a 1-to-1 Peer Persistence.

For example, SystemA is the primary system and SystemB and SystemC are the secondary storage systems. SystemB is the synchronous target and SystemC is the periodic target. SystemA and SystemB will be converted to a Peer Persistence pair with SystemC as the tertiary storage system.

  • HPE Quorum Witness software is installed. See the Installing and updating HPE Quorum Witness for HPE Primera and HPE 3PAR on

  • Host I/O paths are connected to each storage system such that the source and target volumes are visible to the host.

  1. On the HPE SSMC main menu, select Remote Copy Configurations under DATA PROTECTION.
  2. Select the existing SLD configuration, and then select Actions > Configure Quroum Witness.
  3. Select the System pair that contains the synchronous replication. For example, SystemA and SystemB.

    The selected system pair must contain only synchronous Remote Copy groups.

  4. Enter the following information:
    1. Enter the IP address or the FQDN of the Quorum Witness server.
    2. Select Yes for Start.
    3. Select Enabled for Secure Connection.
    4. Enter 8443 for the default port of the QW server.
  5. Click Configure.

    After a few minutes, the Quorum Witness client is configured.

  6. To verify that the Quorum Witness client configuration is added and started, select the Targets view.

    The QW server field displays the IP address or the FQDN of the Quorum Witness server. The QW Status field displays Started.

  7. On the HPE SSMC main menu, select Remote Copy Groups under DATA PROTECTION.
  8. Select an SLD Remote Copy group, and then select Actions > Edit.
  9. Scroll to Peer Persistence and select Multi-target Peer Persistence.
  10. If the remote volumes do not have the same WWN as the source volumes, a dialog box displays. Click Yes, autoset WWN.
  11. Click OK.
  12. Repeat steps 8-11 for each SLD Remote Copy group you want to convert.