Remote Copy targets

With Remote Copy, you configure the secondary system as the target of the primary system, and the primary system as the target of the secondary system.

For example, in a Remote Copy configuration composed of System1 and System2, the target system for System1 is System2, and the target system for System2 is System1.

In Remote Copy, "target" has a special meaning. A primary or primary-rev system sends data for a Remote Copy group using a defined "target" to a secondary or secondary-rev system. The "target" specifies the physical links and replication mode used to send data. A Remote Copy group target can have only one replication mode.

Creating targets on both systems in the Remote Copy configuration:

  • Links the systems.

  • Allows for data flow in either direction, depending on the configuration. Allows for data flow in either direction for temporary situations, such as downtime or failure and disaster recovery.