Three data center Peer Persistence configuration

Three data center Peer Persistence (3DC PP) is a combination of a high-availability Remote Copy configuration (Peer Persistence) and a synchronous long distance configuration (SLD). A 3DC PP configuration enables synchronous replication over a metro distance and asynchronous periodic replication over a continental distance providing disaster tolerance. You can run separate non-Peer Persistence SLD Remote Copy groups on the same three storage systems.

Remote Copy links for 3DC PP can be all RCIP, all RCFC, or a mixture of each. See the HPE Primera Support Matrix for supported configurations.

A 3DC PP configuration has the following characteristics.
  • The communication links and targets for the three systems are set up like an SLD configuration.

  • The synchronous targets on the primary and secondary systems are configured as a 1-to-1 Peer Persistence.

  • The asynchronous periodic targets to the tertiary location are configured for periodic replication.

  • The Quorum Witness application is deployed at a separate location or the tertiary location on a separate host or host cluster.

  • The Quorum Witness is configured for use by the Peer Persistence storage systems.

Automatic failovers only occur to the secondary system using the same criteria as standard 1-to-1 Peer Persistence configurations.

Figure 14: Three data center Peer PersistenceDiagram: Three data center Peer Persistence configuration