You can create, save, and use policies repeatedly to create virtual volumes and snapshots that have identical or similar properties.

The different policies available are virtual volume, protection, and snapshot.

The HPE Primera storage systems does not support virtual volume policies.

The properties for a virtual volume policy in the Policies screen autofill the fields in Create Virtual Volume dialog. You can change the autofilled properties before you create the new virtual volume.

You can create a policy for snapshot schedules, which includes the following:
  • A name pattern that is used for naming snapshots.

  • The frequency at which the snapshots are created.

The snapshot policy can be associated with multiple virtual volumes and virtual volume sets.

Important: The create, edit, and delete option is not supported for protection policies in this release.

Protection policy: Predefined back up policies imported from HPE Recovery Manager Central (if configured in SSMC Applications) that can be set on virtual volumes.

Snapshot policy: Predefined set of patterns and schedules that allow a snapshot schedule to be created on a virtual volume or virtual volume sets.

Learn more: HPE Recovery Manager Central (RMC) software, Restore Points, Protection policy, Virtual volumes overview, and Virtual volume sets overview.