Virtual volume conversion

Conversion allows key properties of a virtual volume to be changed without interrupting host I/O to the virtual volume. The virtual volume provisioning, and compression setting (on/off) and dedup setting can be changed. In addition, the original virtual volume can be kept or deleted, and the converted virtual volume can be moved to a different common provisioning group.

A common virtual volume conversion is to change the properties of a virtual volume from full to thin, dedup, or compression. The converted virtual volume is smaller and more efficient than the original volume because the unused space in the original volume is not copied to the converted volume. Changing the properties of a virtual volume from thin provisioned to full results in a larger virtual volume, but it can be useful in some environments.

Conversion of virtual volumes on a storage system requires an HPE 3PAR Thin Conversion software license and an HPE 3PAR Dynamic Optimization software license.

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