Virtual volume expiration time

The expiration time for a virtual volume is the length of time before the volume is automatically deleted from the storage system.

The length of time is relative to when the expiration time is specified and enabled. For example, if the expiration time is enabled on Monday for a length of 4 days, the virtual volume will be automatically deleted at the same time of day on Friday.

  • The length of virtual volume expiration time can be from 1 hour up to 43800 hours (1825 days or 5 years).

  • If a virtual volume’s expiration time and retention time are both specified, the expiration time cannot be less than the retention time. Learn more: Virtual volume retention time.

  • Virtual volume expiration time is displayed in the Settings view of virtual volume detail panes and can be enabled and disabled using the advanced options, policy settings in the create and edit dialogs for virtual volumes.