Estimating virtual volume dedup savings

You can estimate the potential space savings if one or more existing virtual volumes were to be converted to thinly deduped virtual volumes in the same common provisioning group.

Starting a dedup estimate
  1. On the main menu, select Block Persona > Virtual Volumes.

  2. In the list pane, select one or more virtual volumes, and then select Estimate dedup savings on the Actions menu.

  3. Follow the instructions on the dialog that opens.

Viewing a dedup estimate result

When the action is completed, the results of the estimate are shown on the Activity sidebar and on the Activity screen with the activity name Preview dedup ratio (checkvv).

To view the dedup estimate on the Activity screen:

  1. On the main menu, select General > Activity.

  2. Select the Preview dedup ratio (checkvv) activity in the list.

  3. Click the expand icons ( ) until the) until the Task Detail is displayed. The estimate is located near the end of the task detail.

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