Virtual domains overview

HPE 3PAR Virtual Domains software provides the domain features on HPE 3PAR Storage systems.

These features are installed as part of the HPE Storage OS but require an HPE 3PAR Virtual Domains software license to use. For information regarding HPE 3PAR Storage platform support and network interface card requirements, see the HPE SSMC Administrator Guide.

A virtual domain can be thought of as a virtual private storage system within a physical storage system. Multiple virtual domains can be created on a storage system, each with its own storage resources, secure access, users, and hosts.

Storage resources and hosts can be assigned to a specific virtual domain, or can have no virtual domain association. The no domain contains resources that do not belong to a specified virtual domain.

Secure access to resources in a virtual domain is controlled by user accounts, roles, and rights. Only users with rights in that virtual domain can work with those resources. For example, virtual domain A can allow access to a user, but virtual domain B can block access to that user. A user can have access to more than one domain, and can have different user roles in each domain. Users with the super role can browse and edit resources in all virtual domains.

You can use HPE SSMC to perform many Security Virtual Domain tasks. Learn more: Security screens, views, and actions summary.