CPG volumes count apparent reporting discrepancies


On the Common Provisioning Groups screen, the virtual volumes count in the list pane Total Volumes column Summary view, differs from counts in the detail pane, Overview view.

For example, a common provisioning group might show a count of 6 volumes in Total Volumes column. But the detail pane shows a Volumes count of 2 and a Snapshots count of 2, for an implied total count of 4 volumes.


The count in the Total Volumes column includes base virtual volumes and clone virtual volumes, but does not include snapshot virtual volumes. In the detail pane, the Volumes count is for base virtual volumes and does not include clone virtual volumes. Thus, when a common provisioning group includes snapshots or clones, the reported total count and the implied total count can be different.

This issue is known behavior. No action is required.

Learn more: Virtual volumes overview, Clones (physical copies), Snapshots (virtual copies).