Dialog screen details

Dialogs allow you to perform actions on resources. You can open dialogs from the Actions menu on the detail pane. The main features of dialogs include the following:

  1. Dialog name: This is the name of the dialog.

  2. Views: Many dialogs include a Views menu. Selecting a view positions the selected panel at the top of the dialog.

  3. Tooltips: Moving your cursor over a field or selection displays helpful information about making an entry or selection.

  4. Help: Clicking the Help icon () opens help for the dialog.) opens help for the dialog.

  5. Resource selector/search: Clicking the Search icon, without entering any characters, displays a list of relevant resources. If you enter text, a dynamic list of resources is displayed as you type. Clicking an item in the list selects the resource.

  6. Action buttons: Dialog actions are displayed at the bottom of the dialog. Clicking an action button performs the action and closes the dialog. Clicking an action + button performs the action and keeps the dialog open.

  7. Changes indicator: The changes indicator shows how many changes you have made in the dialog and the last change you entered. Clicking the icon opens a window that displays all changes you have entered in the dialog.

  8. Panels: Related settings are grouped in panels. You can scroll panels up or down by using the scroll bar on the right side of the dialog.